24 TV stations, 200 reporters and 30 000 fans are expected for Bansko World Cup 2015

24 TV stations, 200 reporters and 30 000 fans are expected for Bansko World Cup 2015

 Over 30 000 ski fans will cheer the best female skiers at Bansko Ski World Cup in 2015. The event at Banderishka poliana will be translated by 47 TV stations, 24 of which will air live feed, while 200 reporters will cover the race. These numbers were officially announced by the organizers of the biggest sports event in Bulgaria for 2015.

Bulgarian winter resort #1 hosts World Cup races for the 5-th time, and the best ladies on ski will come in Bansko for the 3-rd time (after 2009 and 2012). Program includes Super G – on February 28, followed by the only Alpine combined for the 2015 season – on March 1.
Bulgarian government declared soldi support for the event by the personal presence of two Ministers – Krassen Kralev, Minister of Youth and Sports, and Nikolina Angelkova, Minister of Tourism.
The Chairman of Bulgarian Ski Federation, Tseko Minev, announced that 1000 people are involved in the organization for the World Cup event. „We are extremely honored to host the ladies for a third time in Bansko. This shows that FIS has solid trust in Bulgaria and we'll continue to organize big events.” - said Mr. Minev and reminded that World Cup events bring high ratings and enormous viewrship all over the world. „A World Cup event is not only an unique experience. It brings benefits for the country, for the resort, for the population.”

„Bansko World Cup 2015 in the most important sports event of the year in Bulgaria. Ski sport has social importance, as it contributes greatly for the healthy growth of our younger generation, which is one of our key priorities." - added Minister Kralev.
„All the people who will come to witness the World Cup in Bansko will experience the potential of the resort, and will bring new tourists with them. All this results in advertising for Bulgaria.“ - said Minister Angelkova, who is an avid skier and watched the races in Bansko in 2012.
Bansko World Cup 2015 will have a friendly cartoon mascot – Zdravko, which is a visual symbol of the campaign of Mtel and BFSki for better safety on the tracks. The cartoon character will remind to ski safely and will appear on special boards in more dangerous sections of the ski runs, as well as on the safety nets and digital screens. Mtel is one of the sponsors of Bulgarian Ski federation.

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