• Bulgarian ski legend Maria Kirkova will lead the team of Patrick Ortlieb in the game "Get in the team of the champ" due to illness of the Austrian!

Lifts and ski slopes

Ski lifts

Banderitsa 1
Banderitsa 2
Chalin Valog
Stara kotva
Detska kotva
Panitsa B
Vlek Chalin
Tsarna Mogila

Ski slopes

Plato 1
Shiligarnik 1
Stara pista
Shiligarnik 2
Plato 2
Tsarna Mogila
Chalin Valog 2
Chalin Valog 1
Ski road 1
Ski road 2

Snow cover

15 cm
Banderishka Polyana
60 cm
50 cm


10 days preparation for the World Cup courses

40 000 tons of space dust fall each year on the Earth's surface. For the Snowboard World Cup in Bansko for ten days we have to produce 50 000 cubic meters of snow! The races will take place from January 26th to January 28th, 2018. For the first and the last racing days the parallel giant slaloms are scheduled at the lower part of the Alberto Tomba slope. On the 27th the boardercross race will be held on the slope 9A.

The construction of the two courses involves more than 150 people. The 101st Alpine Regiment from Smolyan will prepare the slopes, like in previous years. Students from the ski department at NSA will help as well. The construction of the boardercross course begins on January 15th . With it's unique profile without a single turn we entered history last year. It is 330 meters long and has 5 sections and 4 jumps - the last one is about 50 meters long and it is made of approximately 40 000 cubic meters of snow. Another 10 000 are needed for the alignment of the slope "Tomba". The preparation there starts at January 19th.

Anders Forsell and the shaper Viktor Dimitrov will construct the courses. The Italian Alberto Schiavon from FIS will test them after. FIS Race Director is the German Uwe Beier and Chief of Races is Viktor Gichev, the son of Valentin Stefanov. After the World Cup in Bansko Viktor will join his father in PyeongChang to prepare the courses for the technical ski disciplines at the Olympics 2018. Stefanov was Chief of Races in five Ski World Cups in Bulgaria, he worked at the Sochi Olympics 2014 and is hired for Beijing 2022.

Source: Bansko Tomorrow newspaper

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