• Bulgarian ski legend Maria Kirkova will lead the team of Patrick Ortlieb in the game "Get in the team of the champ" due to illness of the Austrian!

Lifts and ski slopes

Ski lifts

Banderitsa 1
Banderitsa 2
Chalin Valog
Stara kotva
Detska kotva
Panitsa B
Vlek Chalin
Tsarna Mogila

Ski slopes

Plato 1
Shiligarnik 1
Stara pista
Shiligarnik 2
Plato 2
Tsarna Mogila
Chalin Valog 2
Chalin Valog 1
Ski road 1
Ski road 2

Snow cover

15 cm
Banderishka Polyana
60 cm
50 cm


Only 6% are against the development of the ski area in Bansko

The Bulgarians support the construction of a second gondola lift in Bansko and approve investments in the ski area. As socially significant problems the people highlight low incomes, bureaucracy and the public health care. This shows a study made by “Barometer Bulgaria” after the start of the new political season and after the start of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The survey among 986 people over the age of 18 was made between January 20 and 24, 2018. The participants were asked three questions:
1) What is your attitude towards the beginning of the Bulgarian Euro-Presidency?
2) What is the attitude of Bulgarians towards the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence - the so called Istanbul Convention?
3) What is your attitude towards the decision of the Bulgarian Council of Ministers to allow the construction of a second gondola lift in the winter resort Bansko, that caused many protests in favor and against?

The answers to the last question are very indicative for the public opinion: 58% of the participants in the survey gave “I approve” as an answer. 36% have no opinion, and only 6% are against the decision.

The second lift is desired by the people as an option to develop tourism in Bulgaria in general, shows the analysis of the sociologists. "In the Bulgarian society there is a growing dissatisfaction with the"green" constraints that stop the economic growth. The Bulgarians obviously disagree, that some EU countries develop their infrastructure, which generates income and jobs, while in our country constantly obstacles are created."

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