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Lifts and ski slopes

Ski lifts

Banderitsa 1
Banderitsa 2
Chalin Valog
Stara kotva
Detska kotva
Panitsa B
Vlek Chalin
Tsarna Mogila

Ski slopes

Plato 1
Shiligarnik 1
Stara pista
Shiligarnik 2
Plato 2
Tsarna Mogila
Chalin Valog 2
Chalin Valog 1
Ski road 1
Ski road 2

Snow cover

15 cm
Banderishka Polyana
60 cm
50 cm

General terms



1. These General Terms & Conditions (GTC) include:

1.1. General rules of ski - runs and ski lifts use within the limits of Bansko Ski Area.

1.2. Special rules for paragliding within the limits of the ski area in the town of Bansko.

1.3. Obligatory behavioral safety of skiers and snowboarders going in for winter sports within the limits of Bansko Ski Area.

1.4. General terms for issuе, sale, validity and use of tickets and ski passes within the limits of Bansko Ski Area.

1.5. Rules on monitoring of the observance of the ski patrol general terms and  conditions, as well as operations. 

2. These General Terms & Conditions are valid and apply to the ski - runs and the servicing aerial ropeways for transportation of people being within the limits of Bansko Ski Area, hereinafter referred to as „ski area“ or „ski center“.

3. Any customer of the ski center, enjoying the services and performing the activities  referred to in these GTC must be aware of its provisions, obey unconditionally the instructions of the personnel servicing the aerial ropeways, ski patrol, representatives of Bansko Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) and all other personnel responsible for ensuring  safe use of ski slopes and cableways in the territory of the ski area. Unconditional compliance with the rules, personnel instructions, guide and informative signs and boards would reduce a risk of accidents.

4. Any customer through the purchase of a service or going in for winter sports on the territory of Bansko Ski Area, i.e. carrying out activities regulated by these GTC, agrees with those referred to in general and specific rules concerning the particular service and / or activity.

5. Any customer of Bansko Ski Area, including tourists, going in for winter sports / skiing and / or snowboarding / in its territory, are responsible for complying with the established rules in the ski area, and go in for winter sports and make use of of the cableways at their sole risk.

6. Each service customer offered in the ski area is required to assess their moment  mental state and physical fitness, the specific snow and weather conditions, and whether they are capable or have the necessary skills to perform the appropriate activities, such as skiing, snowboarding on the slopes within the ski area and/or use of adjoining cableways and to assess their readiness to take appropriate inherent in practising this kind of activities.

7. Anyone going in for winter sports on the territory of Bansko Ski Area is responsible for the condition of their equipment, including the necessary adjustments, according to certain criteria / height, weight, condition of the snow and others./


8. The general rules on ski - runs and lifts usage in the ski area, hereinafter referred to as the Terms of Use of Bansko Ski Area are developed on the grounds of Article 23, paragraphs 1 and 2, in conjunction with Art. 21 of the Regulation on Safeguarding and Information Richness of the Ski - Runs in the Republic of Bulgaria and Breaching Safety Regulations for the Territory of the Ski - Runs and Ski Areas and for Ski Patrols Operation Organization (the Regulation).

9. The Terms of Use of the ski area define all key points related to ensuring the safeguarding, information richness and ski-runs safety within Bansko Ski Area. They regulate the terms and conditions which must be followed by anyone practising winter sports.

10. With regard to the arising out of Art. 157, para. 1 of the Law on Tourism obligation of the company ULEN AD, in its capacity as a concessionaire of the Ski area in the town of Bansko under a contract for a concession on protected area, an exclusive state property, constituting a part of the National Park "Pirin", Bansko Municipality, Blagoevgrad for construction and operation of Bansko Ski Area as from 21.12.2001, it aims to ensure unconditional compliance with the requirements for the ski - runs safety and information richness, as well as approving rules for safe behavior of tourists skiers / snowboarders and special rules under the Regulation.

11. Bansko Ski Area covers ski slopes of various complexity and purpose, ski ways, children's ski area, a Fun Park and ropeways for transportation of people.

12. Within the limits of Bansko Ski Area there are ski slopes suitable for Beginners / 35% / Advanced skiers / 40% / Expert skiers / 25% /, as they are clearly marked according to their complexity and are secured according to the established statutory requirements.

13. Ulen AD, as a concessionaire of the Bansko Ski Area, monitors and is in charge of the strict maintenance of the ski slopes in winter, which in turn includes the following activities:

- Grooming of ski - runs / ski routes, done by special- purpose machinery/ Kassbohrer ratracks/ by highly qualified personnel, strictly observing the safety rules and taking into account the specific snow condition, angle of slopes and weather conditions;

- Artificial snow making by using the existing system for artificial snow, which covers about 90% of the slopes in the ski area;

- Removal of obstacles, artificially created as a result of natural conditions;

- Marking of ski - runs by placing appropriate signs indicating the colour corresponding to their complexity, information and direction signs placing and making them safe in accordance with an approved fencing project.

14. The ski - runs within Bansko Ski Area are accessible for tourists wishing to practice winter sports/skiing and snowboarding /or to be taught by ski instructors with the required qualification.

15. In order to ensure safe use of the ski - runs by skiers and snowboarders, it is prohibited to use them as not intended, namely by pedestrians and sledges, which is monitored by the ski patrol.

16. Within the limits of the ski-runs it is not allowed to use vehicles or other transport facilities other than ski or snowboards, except for vehicles that are used for ski-runs grooming, for ensuring order and safety or in an emergency situation, as well as those   used by people involved in mountain rescue and / or medical teams.

17. During the opening hours, when the ski-runs are opened to tourists, the transport facilities as per the previous paragraph can move on them, subject to the following rules:

1. an orange light to be placed in a promiment location;

2. when visibility is poor, an audible warning device to be used;

3. the ski-run to be cleared as quickly as possible;

4. In case of an accident requiring parking and traffic on the track of vehicles as per the preceding paragraph, it is necessary to secure the place visible to all users on the ski-run.

18. Vehicles in the preceding paragraph may carry out the following activities:

1. Transportation of injured persons, rescue personnel (doctors, patrol, rescue dogs in avalanches, etc.), equipment, marking and protective equipment, equipment or personnel for rescue of trapped in the ski lifts; ski lifts-repair facilities; snow machines-repair facilities; equipment or personnel to control avalanches, injured in need of evacuation, equipment for competitions, equipment that belongs to the competitors, equipment for events;

2. Moving to the place for troubleshooting and snow making technical system (means) management and operation of ratrack vehicles;

3. Basic monitoring of the ski-run;

    4. Return to the place designated for parking, after completion of operation.

19. Crossing of vehicles through the ski runs, located in Bansko Ski Area beyond those specified in item 16 is not allowed, including after closing the ski-runs and after completion of operation.

20. Within the territory of the ski-runs, life-saving operations are provided by the MRS teams and medical officers.

21. Ulen AD, as a concessionaire, has the right to restrict access to the territory of the ski-runs, when specified.

22. The management of the company Ulen AD has the right at its discretion to close the ski-runs for tourists in the following cases:

1. After the daily completion of their operation;

2. In the event of a situation that would endanger tourists’ life or health;

3. In avalanche danger, and in bad weather;

4. During sports competitions and training.

5. In other cases, as provided for in the current legislation.

23. Immediately prior to the closing of the ski-runs under the preceding paragraph, with the exception of item 1 thereof, ski patrollers are required to put a sign on the appropriate ski slope as closed by placing appropriate fences, possibly, across the whole width of the piste, and signs. The closure of a ski slope is done in a way that does not jeopardize the users of ski slopes and must be visible in bad weather.

24. The management of Ulen company may give orders or authorize the complete or partial closure of a ski slope depending on the specific reason.

25. With the consent of the management of Ulen company, ski slopes or certain sections of them may be closed for training activities led by the coach of the team.

26. Specified training sites should be marked by the ski patrol with appropriate safety facilities as closed. The arrangements for their using for the purposes of the training process is determined by the training leader.

27. The ski slopes within the limits of Bansko Ski Area can be enjoyed by anyone  practising winter sports, every day during the winter season in the time interval from 08:30 to 17:30 pm. The time for opening and closing of the ski slopes is consistent with the operational  hours of the Gondola lift, ski lifts and draglifts that service the slopes.

28. Before the daily slope opening, representatives of MRS and ski patrol employees check the conditions of pistes passability, safety facilities reliability and information richness, including the information and directing signs and boards for existence of unusual hazards, including avalanches and landslides.

29. Access to the ski slopes on the territory of Bansko Ski Area is provided by a Gondola ropeway, 2 six-seater fixed-grip chairlifts; 6 four-seater fixed-grip chairlifts; 5 fixed surface lifts / 2 of a hanger type and 2 of  tow-lift type/; two conveyors, one of which for children and carousel for children.

30. Gondola lift operational hours / Base station / - from 08:30 am - 17:30 pm. / last lift up of tourists - 16:30 pm. and skiers - 17:00 pm./;

        - Gondola lift operational hours / Upper station / - from 08:30 am -17:30 pm. / last lift up of tourists 17:00 pm./;

- All other lifts operational hours are from 08:30 am-16:30 pm. (last lift up of tourists at 16:15 pm.)

31. After ski lifts operational time, the ski patrols together with MRS teams, should make a last inspection tour down the ski slopes and at 16:15 pm. should get on the lifts with the last lift up of tourists in the ski centre. The last tour of the ski patrol down Banderishka Polyana-Bansko starts at 17:30 pm. from Banderishka Polyana towards Bansko. The aim of the last tour is to check for injured persons who could not reach the ski centre next to the Gondola ropeway by skiing for their transportation to the town, or could not make it down the ski road to the base station of the Gondola ropeway.

32. After ski–runs operating time starts the grooming of the pistes with ratracks. The normal opening hours for pistes grooming is from 18:00 pm. – 22:00 pm.

33. At the base stations of the ropeways, providing access to the ski pistes within the territory of Bansko Ski Area, signs with obligatory behavioral safety for skiers and tourists are placed, as well as an information board with the operating times of the ski facility and the closing hour of tourists lifting up.

34. There are electronic information boards at the base station, upper Gondola ropeway and Shiligarnika, on which the ropeways and ski pistes, their names and complexity are indicated. These dashboards display the functioning pistes and ropeways operating time as the information is updated in the event of a change.

35. On the information boards at the base station the operating time of the ropeways, the time of the last inspection tour of the ski patrol and the usual time for ski slopes grooming are indicated.

36. In order to ensure the safety of the ski slopes in the territory of Bansko Ski Area,   Ulen AD takes the measures recommended for "unusual dangers and obstacles" by placing fences, mattresses, signs, signboards and other. Fencing is done in a way that poses no risk to tourists and the signs and information boards and signs are placed in visible locations on the slopes, at an appropriate distance before the dangerous area.

37. Ulen AD shall not be liable in case of an accident with people skiing or snowboarding off the safe and marked ski slopes in the ski center.

38. Skiing / snowboarding on the slopes outside their operating time and during their total or partial closure is not allowed.

39. Skiing /snowboarding and use of ropeways by persons intoxicated with alchohol, narcotics or other toxic substances is not allowed.



40. For the purpose of flying with paraglider / independently and with third parties/ over the territory of the ski center Bansko, it is necessary to obtain a permission from the management of Ulen company.

41. For takeoff and landing with paraglider, certain specific locations throughout the ski center, which are clearly marked, are defined. The takeoff site is located at Todorka Peak, near the upper station of the Platoto lift, and the landing site is in front of the shooting range for biathlon stadium, Banderishka Polyana.

42. Those flying with paraglider are required to takeoff and land only in fixed for the purpose places. Taking off and landing places other than those clearly defined for the purpose is strictly prohibited.

43. All paragliders’ pilots are required to have a valid individual accident insurance and third party accident insurance.

44. Paragliding should only be carried out over a wooded area, as if flying over the ski runs and ropeways is necessary, it should be done at a height not less than 50 meters.

45. For reasons of tourists’ safety in the ski center, during the course of flights, it is absolutely necessary to follow closely the prevention of falling objects such as telephones, video cameras and others. The responsibility for this rests with the pilot, both when performing a solo flight and when accompanied by a third party.

46. All paragliders’ pilots must have radio stations for contact and set the radio frequency which is used for information and control.

47. Flying with paragliders is a sole responsibility of the pilot and flyer. Before flight operations the pilot must provide the flyer a declaration to be signed by which to confirm that he/she is familiar with the safety rules and taking full responsibility if an incident occurs. By signing this declaration, the person releases the operator of the ski area from any liability in respect of potential incidents that may occur when using this service.

48. All flyers must observe closely not only the current rules but also the safety instructions given by the pilot.

49. Flight operations must be consistent with the weather conditions and in bad weather no take off is necessary.  Weather conditions evaluation and responsibility rests with the pilot.


50. All practising winter sports /skiing, snowboarding/ within the territory of Bansko Ski Area must use only groomed, safe and informative pistes.

51. Off-piste skiing and snowboarding outside the ski pistes operating time, or in their closed sections poses a risk to the health and lives of skiers / snowboarders and the entire responsibility falls on them.

52. All tourists  are required to comply strictly with the rules approved by these general terms and conditions, the instructions of the company’s employees, ski patrol and representatives of MRS, and they must behave in such a way that they do not endanger or prejudice themselves or others.

53. According the ensuing legal requirements, the management of Ulen Company approved the below mentioned Rules for Safe Behavior of Tourists, Skiers/ Snowboarders, which must be observed by all practising winter sports in the territory of Bansko Ski Area, namely:

1. A skier or snowboarder must move in control. He must adapt the speed and manner of skiing or snowboarding to his personal ability and to the prevailing features of terrain, snow, weather conditions and traffic congestion; must not endanger or hinder other skiers’ and snowboarders’ movements; have control over their ski or snowboard, so that in case of necessity, to be able to change direction or stop; turn and move within the ambit of their own vision.

2. A skier or snowboarder must slow down where visisbility is reduced, near construction sites or obstacles, at intersections, in a fog, in crowded areas, in narrow parts, at the edge of a steep slope, at the bottom of a piste and within areas surrounding the ski lifts or in the presence of beginners;

3. Skiers and snowboarders are responsible not only for their own behaviour but also for the satisfactory condition of the equipment they use. This also applies to those using newly developed equipment (modified, prototype, etc.);

5. Skiers and snowboarders must observe the following rules of the track:

a) A skier or snowboarder in front has priority. The skier or snowboarder coming from behind must choose his route in such a way that he does not endanger skiers or snowboarders ahead by keeping a sufficient distance between himself and the other skier or snowboarder so as to leave the preceding skier or snowboarder enough space to make all their movements freely.

b) A skier or snowboarder may overtake another skier or snowboarder above or below and to the right or to the left provided that he leaves enough space for the overtaken skier or snowboarder to make any voluntary or involuntary movement. A skier or snowboarder who overtakes another is wholly responsible for completing that manoeuvre in such a way that causes no difficulty to the skier or snowboarder being overtaken. This responsibility rests with them until the overtaking manoeuvre has been completed. This rule applies even when overtaking a stopped skier or snowboarder.

c) Unless absolutely necessary, a skier or snowboarder must avoid stopping on the piste in narrow places or where visibility is restricted. The one who has stopped should as soon as possible stand aside; new entry on the piste should become in a safe way, without a risk of collision;

d) After a fall, a skier or snowboarder must clear the piste as soon as possible;

e)  At crossings, skiers and snowborders coming from the right side have priority;

f) A skier or snowboarder moving against the general direction, as well as either ascending or descending on foot must keep to the side of the piste;

6. Skiers and snowboarders must comply with all signs and markings and use the slopes corresponding to their technical and physical skills;

7. To give priority to pist and rescue services, and provided transport means and in no way hinder their way;

8. At accidents, every skier or snowboarder should render all possible assistance. Immediate First Aid should be given and the Rescue Service notified.   

54. With regard to practising cross-country skiing, the following special rules are approved, namely:

  1. The ski runs for cross-country skiing are used only in one direction. Where, exceptionally, a two-way traffic is required, be sure to put dividing nets and fences.

2. In cross-country skiing, the slow skiers should keep the right side.

  3. When a cross-country skier is overtaken, upon request, he is obliged to clear the ski run.


55. All kinds of tickets and ski-passes for the use of ropeways in the ski area, located in Bansko are issued and sold at the following premises:

1.  Pay-desks of the company ULEN AD in the base and upper stations of the Gondola ropeway (GRW) Bansko - Banderishka Polyana;

2. Pay-desk of ULEN AD in Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko.

3. In the shops of the company Max Sport;

4. Online, via the website Banskoski.com.;

5. In the points of sale of Hotel Regnum; Hotel Lucky Bansko; Hotel Pirin River, Hotel Guinness, Sport Hotel, Hotel Belvedere, Hotel Hot springs, hotel Orbelux and Hotel Zara.

56. In ski depot № 1, located in the base station of GRW, ski- passes with 10 %  and 15% discount of the pay-desk price are sold out.

1. Customers may enjoy a 10% discount of the ski-pass when using a full ski equipment available at ULEN Rent-a-Ski.

2. Customers may enjoy a 15% discount of the ski-pass when using a full ski equipment and ski instructor from ULEN Rent-a-Ski and ULEN Ski School.

57. Ski-passes issued at the pay-desk of ULEN AD in Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko and points of sale in Hotel Premier, Hotel Regnum and Hotel Lucky Bansko provide quick access to the Gondola ropeway Bansko - Banderishka Polyana;

58. ULEN AD pay-desks working hours for sale of ski-passes and tickets in GRW base and upper stations are from 8.30 am -17.30 pm, seven days a week.

- On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays there is a duty pay-desk at the base station of GRW open until 21.00 pm.

- the pay-desk of ULEN AD in Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko operational hours are from 08:30 am - 22:00 pm each day during the winter season.

59.ULEN AD issues and sells tickets and ski-passes for all cableways in the ski area as follows:

1. Return tickets to use GRW "Bansko - Banderishka Polyana": for adults, students, pupils and children from 7 to 12 years, and children up to 7 years;

2. Ski-passes for adults, students, pupils and children from 7 to 12 years, and children up to 7 years;

a) Half-day ski-pass, enabling to use all working rope lines (cable cars and ski lifts) in the ski area. The half-day ski-pass can be purchased after 12.30 pm. and gives an opportunity to use all facilities by the end of the working hours of the ski area for the day.

b) One-day lift pass, enabling to use the facilities in the ski area, at the approved opening hours of the ski centre for the day of its validity.

c) Two-day, three-day, four-day, five-day, six-day, nine-day ski-passes and thirteen day ski-passes allowing to enjoy all existing cableways (cable cars and ski lifts) in the ski area from the date of purchase of the pass at the end of ski centre working hours on the date on which its validity expires.

d)  Base Station lift ticket enabling the use of the lift facility, located at the Base Station of GRW within the approved ski centre opening hours for the date of its validity;

e)  „Bansko – Twenty“ ski-pass valid for 20 days, at the choice of the customer within the 2017-2018 season /non-consequtive/;

f) Season ski- pass gives a quick access passage to the GRW;

g) Family ski-pass gives a quick access passage to the GRW. An official proof is required in order to buy a family ski-pass, namely a document certifying the relationship between parents and children. /birth certificate/;

h) Ski-pass, enabling to carry out ski training activity onsite the ski centre of Bansko. This type of pass is issued to persons meeting the conditions below and provides the use of drill grounds and runways to teach skiing or snowboarding lessons, and use of all equipment /lifts and ski lifts /for getting about in the ski area. A ski-pass, enabling to carry out ski training activity provides quick access to the Gondola ropeway.

60. The validity of ski-pass „Bansko Twenty“ starts from the first passing through a reader in the ski centre. In failure to use "Bansko - Twenty ski-pass for all days during the current season, the rest of the days will not be transferred to the next season and will not be compensated financially.

61. The Season, Family and Bansko-Twenty ski-passes, the Gondola ticket /return/ and Base Station lift ticket are not subject to other price reduction. 

62. A student/school ski-pass/ ticket can be bought against presentation of a valid and certified student card.

63. Senior ski-pass/ticket can be bought against presentation of a valid identified card of the person.

64. Half-free ski-passess / tickets are divided into half-free ski-pass / ticket for children aged from 7 to 12 years / including / and half-free ski-pass / ticket under the age of 7 years. Child’s ski pass/ticket under the age of 7 years can be used only when the child is accompanied by an adult. An adult may accompany up to 2 children / under the age of 7 years/. The validity of the child’s skipass under the age of 7 years must have equal validity with the atendant’s ski- pass. A photo is required for passes for children under the age of 7 years, which is taken at the time of issuance at the pay-desks. An official proof is required in order to buy this pass type certifying the age of the child.

65. Ski-passes valid for more than three days must indicate the name, last name and have a photo of the user.

66. Prices of different types of tickets and ski- passes are in Bulgarian Levs, with VAT included and are quoted by "Ulen" AD in price lits placed in prominent places, next to each pay-desk of the company or in other sites that sell ski-passes and tickets, and hosted on the official website of the ski centre Bansko - www.banskoski.com

67. On buying a ski- pass a deposit of 5.00 BGN is paid, which deposit is indicated in the price lists.

68. After the expiry of the ski-pass validity it may be returned to the pay-desks of the company against a cash register receipt or the automated ski-pass machines, and the client gets back its paid deposit.

69. The price of each ticket / ski-pass includes a mountain insurance. „Unica“ signs with explanations of what the insurance covers, included in lift passes, are placed in all cash centers of the company Ulen.

70. Ski training activities within the territory of Bansko Ski Centre may be carried out under the following conditions:

1. Certificate of a licensed ski instructor issued by the Bulgarian School for Ski Instructors at the Bulgarian Ski Federation (BSF).

2. A pass for the place of employment issued by the Bulgarian School for Ski Instructors at the Bulgarian Ski Federation (BSF).

3. Instructor’s ski-pass /plastic/ issued by the Bulgarian School for Ski Instructors at the Bulgarian Ski Federation (BSF).

71. The above-mentioned documents have to be filed in the office of "Ulen" AD together with a request for authorization to carry out ski/snowboard training activity in Ski Centre Bansko. Ski schools provide a list of the ski instructors having an employment relationship with them.

72. Any person who purchased a ticket or a ski-pass is obliged to keep and show the ticket / ski-pass to verify its regularity by authorized persons.

73. Authorized to carry out checks of tickets /ski-passes used by tourists at the access of the cableways and ski slopes gate check system are the employees of "Ulen" AD, maintaining service of the cableways, employees of the Internal Control Unit, ski patrols and the staff from "Selena", the company in charge of order and safety in the ski area.

74. The system creates a profile of each client containing a photo of high quality. This photo is visualized and compared on the displays in crossing of the customer via any subsequent reader with the purpose of verification.

75. Selling, reselling and negotiating ski-passes and tickets to third parties are strictly prohibited.

76. Carrying out of ski training activity by a person not entitled to perform such in the territory of the ski centre Bansko and using a common tourist card is strictly prohibited.

77. Any use of ski-passes and tickets in violation of these terms and conditions shall be considered as a violation of these terms and conditions.

78. On noting infringements by the authorized persons, ski-passes / tickets are deactivated, for which a written statement of ascertainment is drawn, stating the name of the offender, unlawful conduct and the names of the authorized persons who noted the infringement.

79. All passes are non-refundable on the occurrence of any of the following:

1. Disconnection of power supply;

2. Adverse weather conditions - strong winds, heavy snow, lack of snow, very low or very high temperatures, fog, rain, etc;

3. Partial closure for security reasons of pistes and cableways for security reasons in the ski area or to conduct sports competitions, training and / or other measures in cases provided for in current legislation;

4. Ski-pass integrity damage as a result of improper storage and operating or attempt to damage it;

5. Ski-pass loss;

6. Ski- pass deactivation due to breach of any provision of these General Terms and Conditions;

7. Ilness or injury of a ski- pass holder caused during its use;

8. Upon ski-pass use termination use, before the expiry of its validity, on behalf of the  person who has purchased it, whatever the case thereof.


80. Compliance with the Rules on Ski Slopes and Lifts Usage within the territory of Bansko Ski Area, approved by the management of Ulen AD; special rules for paragliding; obligatory rules for the safe conduct of skiers and snowboarders practising winter sports within the ski area in the town of Bansko and General Terms for Issuance, Sale, Validity and Use of Tickets & Ski-Passes in Bansko Ski Area are monitored by the "Ski Patrol" unit, which consists of employees of SЕLENA 52 company.

81. Ski patrols are responsible for the safety within Bansko Ski Area and are required to wear distinctive clothing and identify themselves by an identity card in performance of their duties.

82. When performing their duties, ski patrols have the following powers:

1. To monitor the observance of the established order on the ski slopes and servicing facilities in Bansko Ski Area by the users of services within its territory.

2. To keep an eye on the compliance with the rules for use of ski slopes and their servicing ropeways.

3. To see after the non-use of ski slopes and their servicing ropeways within the territory of Bansko Ski Area by persons visibly intoxicated and / or under the influence of drugs.

4. To keep a check on the non-use of ski slopes and the servicing ropeways in Bansko Ski Area in a way violating the obligatory rules for safe behavior and / or threatening with it both their own health and safety and the health and safety of other tourists.

5. To carry out checks on a casual basis for the regularity of lift passes or tickets use.

6. To assist the employees of the internal control unit, security guards from Selena 52 company when making inspections and detection of violations, and if necessary, to apply to the authorities of MVR (Ministry of Interior) for help.

7. To follow closely on preventing impermissible movement of vehicles within the territory of Bansko Ski Area.

8. To see after a non-regulated training in skiing and snowboarding by persons not authorized to practice this activity.

9. To carry out daily inspections of the conditions conditions of pistes passability, safety facilities reliability and information richness, including the information and directing signs and boards for the existence of unusual hazards, including avalanches and landslides.

10. To assess the conditions for practising winter sports during the working day and submit information for taking measures to close the pistes or parts thereof.

11. In the event of danger, the ski patrol is obliged to immediately notify the management of Ulen and his home-base manager and give directions to the conduct of skiers in relation to the situation arisen.

12. To administer first aid to injured or aggrieved persons by securing the place and waiting for the arrival of medical personnel and rescue team.

13. To require when carrying out verification for quick reference the identification documents of persons inspected.

83. When performing its duties, to warn those who do not comply with the rules set out in these GTS.

84. Upon detection of violations, the ski patrol shall:

1. Prepare a protocol for detection of the infringement, which shall be signed by the offender and in case of unwillingness on his part - by two witnesses;

2. To deactivate irregular lift cards found during inspections, as well as the ski- passes of offenders of these terms and conditions and the established rules thereof, which should be recorded in the protocol.

85. Each user of the services provided within the territory of Bansko Ski Area is obliged to cooperate in the verification by the ski patrol.


86. These terms and conditions were approved by Order of 01.12.2017 of the Executive Director of "Ulen" AD and shall come into effect as of the date of their approval.

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